QCNW-Liverpool has a wide level of knowledge and expertise relating to pharmaceutical analysis and site testing, with over 40 years service to Hospital Pharmacy Units in the North West of England, and to commercial Pharma within the UK and worldwide.

The laboratory is able to provide advice to clients on the level and scope of testing that should be undertaken to achieve the required assurance and meet the demands of Pharmacopoeia monographs and NHS (Yellow Cover Documents) and ICH guidance documents.

The R&D laboratory is able to provide advice, Study Protocol’s and associated costs for clients stability studies, to meet the expectation of NHS Guidance Documents (Yellow Cover Documents) and ICH Regulations.  The laboratory has helped clients with product formulation, helping to achieve products with increased stability. It has specific expertise and experience in mAb studies that can help ensure studies are planned and delivered successfully.

Site Testing:
The laboratory is able to advise clients on the appropriate site testing required and help with interpretation of results and where required appropriate corrective action.

The Microbiology laboratory has extensive expensive of testing for licensed pharmaceutical manufacturing units within the NHS and commercial sector. It is able to work with clients to plan appropriate testing, developing and validating specific test methods where required and working with clients on improvement actions required by regulators.

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