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QCNW-Liverpool carries out microbiological testing for hospital pharmacy aseptic services and commercial pharma throughout England and has operated as a central microbiological laboratory for NW hospital pharmacy services for over 24 years at its Liverpool site.

The laboratory helps manage and monitor sessional aseptic pharmacy manufacturing activity for a wide range of clients within the NHS and industry, monitoring settle, contact plates and finger dabs, and both sterility and end of session broth tests, with identification of organisms as required.

The laboratory carries out TVC testing, PE Testing and sterility testing on preserved preparation, such as eye-drops and sterility testing of terminally sterilised products for licenced manufacturing unit.

The laboratory is accredited by UKAS and is a named test facility on a number of licensed manufacturing units, requiring MHRA approval.

Microbiology Contact Details

There are a number of key Microbiology staff. You can view their profiles at the Microbiology Staff page.