Specialist Partners

Royal Liverpool University Hospital. Pharmacy Aseptic Unit

The Pharmacy Aseptic Unit is licensed by the MHRA for the preparation of unlicensed medicinal products and is managed by Shakeel Herwitker, who holds Qualified Person status for Investigational Medicinal Products. The unit is able to support QCNW-Liverpool through the preparation and supply of test batches for stability studies.

deltaDOT Ltd. Specialist laboratory for capillary electrophoresis analysis

deltaDOT Limited (http://www.deltadot.com) have played a crucial role in QCNW-Liverpool’s development of capillary electrophoresis analysis, which has been key in the continued development of the mAbLab and our ability to deliver stability studies on compounded mAb preparations.

ADCBio. Specialist laboratory for cell assay

ADCBio (http://www.adcbio.com) are specialists in the development, manufacture and testing of Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADCs). Their laboratories have considerable knowledge and experience in the development and validation of cell assays, for both ADC and mAb preparations. This expertise, along with their close proximity to QCNW-Liverpool, make them an ideal partner for the (development and execution of) delivery of cell assays in support of mAb and Antibody Drug Conjugate stability studies undertaken by QCNW-Liverpool.

North West Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance. Specialist Pharmacy Service

The North West QA Service is part of Specialist Pharmacy Services (SPS). The team provides Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance services to Chief Pharmacists in the North West and works collaboratively with Pharmacy Quality Assurance services across the UK. QCNW-Liverpool works closely with NWPQA in the delivery of stability studies and stability data to support NHS pharmacy aseptic services in the North West.

R&D Contact Details

There are a number of key R&D Staff. You can view their profiles at the R&D Contact Details page.